Clemence Hill Farm Pork
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About Clemence Hill Farm Pork

Clemence Hill Farm Pork is run by Ryan, Ben, and Jeremy Peters, with help from family and friends--especially Uncle George as we are in college now (see We began raising pigs in 2015, but we've always wanted pigs, and continuously asked for pigs for birthdays and christmas since we were young children. Our parents told us stories of the farms they worked on as kids and the pigs they raised when they were kids, and so that and our love for pork (especially bacon) inspired us. When we heard there was a need for pork we jumped on the opportunity to raise our own pigs. We have since realized how much work it really is to raise them, but it is still lots of fun. Pigs require lots of work and money, as you need to make a proper pen, buy food, get a clean water supply, and maintain the pen for them in order to keep them clean and healthy otherwise they get sick and smelly. We feed them twice a day, and take care to feed them a balanced diet composed of a variety of nutritious foods. We have learned a lot about pigs, the reality of farming, and business from our experiences, and through it all we have enjoyed watching the pigs grow from 75 pounds to a massive 200+ pounds!

Our Family History of Farming

A long time ago the King of England granted to our family's ancestors the land that our farm now sits on. Since then the land has split up due to marriages. One of the early splits was between the Clemences and the Mckinstrys. The Mckinstrys got a lease for 99 years in 1926 to use the pond on our property for the Mckinstrys Ice business. The land given to the Mckinstrys is now Pleasant Street and the surrounding area. The rest of the land has stayed in the Clemence family, and has slowly turned into today's landscape. Some land was sold to the town for the airport, landfill, and Industrial Park. The rest of the land has been used for dairy farming for four generations,ending in the 1980's. In the early 2000's a small beef operation began, and has been growing since. Now known as Arista Beef, it is run by our uncle, the fifth generation of farmers in the Clemence family. Visit the Arista Beef site for more info. Making us the sixth generation of farmers in the family, even though we took our dad's last name of Peters. As the 6th generation we've begun farming pork in order to provide quality meat carefully raised to give you the best, and home grown product we are able to provide. We have used quality food, with a family run farm using no growth hormones or antibiotics.