Clemence Hill Farm Pork
Southbridge Ma | | 508-765-4808
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Our Pork

At Clemence Hill Farm we raise our pigs with care, and feed them a balanced diet composed of a variety of nutritious food to bring you fresh, natural pork bursting with flavor. We offer a variety of fresh and smoked cuts, and we take pride in our products, always striving to provide you with the best pork possible. All of our pork is vacuum sealed, and USDA inspected. We also offer whole pigs at a discounted price. Check out our order form below for the full list of cuts and prices. We aim to provide you with a consistent product that exceeds your expectations over and over again.

Due to the substantial costs to ship pork we have decided to only sell and make our natural pork available for pick-up here at Clemence Hill Farm. Please call (or email) ahead to make an appointment, and we will be glad to fill your order for the freshest pork around! See the Contact page for our contact info, adress, and directions!

Check out our order form below for the complete list of cuts we offer and our prices. We reccomend printing out our order form, filling it out, and bringing it with you when you pick up your pork. Our variety of cuts, both fresh and smoked are great for a wide range of occasions. We provide everything from pork loin chops for grilling, to ribs for smoking, to hams for Christmas, and bacon for everything!

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